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12 Best Customer Feedback Tools

Customer feedback plays an important role in business growth. It shows you what you’re doing well and what needs to be improved. It provides you with insights that you can’t find anywhere else. The expectations of consumers from brands in terms of customer experience are increasing year after year. As much as 52% of consumers around the globe are of the view that businesses should take action based on customer feedback.

You can’t ignore customers and you can’t do business without them.

This is what makes customers, their expectations, and their feedback critical for success in every industry. Collecting customer feedback isn’t a big deal today as there are tons of customer feedback tools that automate the process for you.

Below is the list of the best customer feedback tools that you can choose from.

12 Best Customer Feedback Tools 2020

1. Emojics

customer feedback tools emojics screenshot

Emojics is an awesome customer feedback tool that helps you collect feedback from users and customers via emojis. It is a powerful tool that lets you collect feedback, generate leads, and boost customer engagement.

Customers have to select an emoji to share their feedback. It doesn’t ask them to choose an appropriate option from a given list rather it simply asks them to choose an emoji to express their views. This makes it user-friendly as people are in love with emojis.

It comes with a widget that you can add to your website, it has an email widget that lets you collect feedback via email, and it has a Shopify store app too. It can be integrated with more than 1000 tools and apps including Zapier that makes it extremely user-friendly.

If you’re interested in boosting the response rate for your next customer feedback campaign, use Emojics.

2. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey screenshot

SurveyMonkey is a leading survey tool for businesses of all sizes. You can run unlimited surveys and collect customer feedback easily with SurveyMonkey. It provides you with tons of features including full customization, advanced data export options, text analysis, A/B testing, filters and rules, and custom payment feature.

If you have a large team, you’d love using SurveyMonkey as it makes collaboration a piece of cake. If you own a small business, you can still use it and collect feedback from customers with professional surveys.

3. Typeform

Typeform screenshot

Typeform is one of the easiest customer feedback tools out there. The surveys you create are user-friendly and that’s what makes them appealing to your customers. You just have to type your question as you do in any word processor or notepad. Your customers give their feedback in a similar fashion.

It lets you create quizzes, you can add contact forms, and you can accept payments easily. You can create a survey in minutes, integrate it with MailChimp and several third-party tools and apps. If you’re interested in asking open-ended questions, I’d suggest using Typeform as it works great.

4. Surveyapp

Surveyapp screenshot

If you want to collect customer feedback at the point of experience, Surveyapp is your best bet. You need to install its app on a tablet or iPad, install it at the point of experience, and collect feedback with ease. For instance, if you want to collect feedback about the food taste for your restaurant, you can use an iPad and ask customers to share their feedback.

It supports smiley survey that works exceptionally well for all types of businesses. You can also use it to collect feedback via email so it doesn’t just work on your device but offline too. Besides, it supports multiple languages which makes it a perfect choice for global businesses.

5. Survicate

Survicate screenshot

Survicate is an all-in-one customer feedback tool that lets you conduct surveys, find Net Promoter Score, create feedback buttons, and mobile app surveys. It offers you lots of exciting features that you don’t find with other customer feedback tools such as the ability to target visitors for website feedback and integration with Google Analytics.

The best part: Survicate comes with a free trial that lets you survey 50 people per month. You can try it free.

6. Usabilla

Usabilla screenshot

Usabilla is an advanced customer feedback tool that has a lot to offer. It is a complete customer experience tool that you can use in several ways. You can use it to collect feedback on your website, app, in-page, and email. It uses emojis for feedback collection which makes it a user-friendly feedback tool for customers.

You can design amazing forms and buttons, collect feedback across multiple channels, analyze data, and manage all the campaigns from a single dashboard without any hassle. It is a complete customer feedback management tool that works for all types of businesses.

7. Google Forms

Google Forms homepage screenshot

Google Forms doesn’t need any introduction. It is the most-used customer feedback tool that works for pretty much all types of feedbacks and surveys. It is a free, customizable, and feature-rich survey tool. Collaborating with team members and exporting data to Google Sheets are the two best features that make Google Forms the best choice for businesses and marketers. If you’re on a budget, Google Forms is your best bet.

8. Usersnap

Usersnap screenshot

Usersnap is another great customer feedback tool that offers some of the best features that you can’t go without. The customer feedback tool allows you to conduct NPS, customer satisfaction surveys, qualitative data, and more. It has multiple feedback widgets that can be customized, you can use these on your website to collect feedback from website visitors.

The trigger feedback is one of the best features that you get with Usernap that lets you ask for feedback at the most appropriate moments. If you need to collect detailed feedback from multiple channels, you’ll love using Usersnap.

9. Doorbell

Doorbell screenshot

Doorbell is a simple yet effective customer feedback tool that is perfect for small businesses and startups. It is easy-to-setup, comes with free forever plan, and lets you collect unlimited feedback. It hardly takes a couple of minutes to install Doorbell on your website. The widget is fully customizable and you can easily integrate it with other tools and apps. If you prefer ease-of-use, simplicity, and affordable customer feedback tool, this is the tool you should grab.

10. Delighted

Delighted screenshot

Delighted is a perfect customer feedback tool that is purely customer-centric and focuses on measuring customer satisfaction. It used Net Promoter Score for feedback collection which makes it fairly actionable in terms of how to analyze feedback data.

It supports multiple survey channels including website, email, SMS, and custom link. If you’re interested in measuring customer satisfaction using NPS, CSAT, or CES, Delighted should be your first choice as it is specifically designed to help you measure customer satisfaction.

11. GetFeedback

GetFeedback screenshot

GetFeedback allows you to create, distribute, and analyze customer feedback campaigns with the peace of mind. It has a drag-and-drop builder that makes survey designing simple and quick. You can create surveys in multiple languages which makes GetFeedback a perfect choice for you if you target multiple markets in different countries.

The best thing GetFeedback is its integration with Salesforce. If you’re already using Salesforce, you need to grab GetFeedback without a second thought.

12. Retently

Retently screenshot

Retently is focused on Net Promoter Score and this is what makes is special. It provides you with multiple customizable templates for measuring NPS hassle-free. It supports A/B testing, transactional surveys, variables, automated workflows, and third-party integration. If your focus is on measuring customer satisfaction, try Retently now.


The customer feedback tools covered above provide you with all the features and services that you need to collect and analyze customer feedback across multiple channels. Improving customer experience won’t be an issue if you use one of these tools.

Grab the tool that aligns with your marketing and customer experience objectives.

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