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5 Best Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers tend to purchase more over time and can be avid advocates of your brand. But it happens only to businesses that know to deliver their services the right way and how to exceed customers’ expectations.

This makes customer satisfaction one of the pivotal factors of your success. Which is why it’s crucial that you put your ears to the ground and listen carefully to what your customers have to say. Otherwise, you are running a risk of losing opportunities to improve and, as a result, stay behind of your competition.

In this article, I’m going to break down 5 simple ways to measure your customer satisfaction and how each of them can help your business grow.

In-app feedback collection

The in-app feedback collection method is believed to have the best response rates as the customer is asked questions while working with the tool, so the impressions are still fresh. Not only does it make the feedback more valuable because of the instant evaluation, but it’s also more convenient for the user to rate something right away.

Plus, this type of measuring customer satisfaction helps you fill in the gaps and better understand what kind of functionality your users find lacking at a specific stage. Or what is confusing, not helpful for them, etc.

All in all, the benefits in this case are hard to overlook. Some of them include:

  • Pinpointing of specific features to get feedback on;
  • Getting insights into app usage;
  • Understanding the overall user experience;
  • Empowering your users.

If you are looking to find out how good your specific service or tool performs, don’t miss out on an opportunity to use in-app widgets for collecting feedback. For instance, there’s Emojics widget that you can use inside your website or app.

Everything in this widget is customizable – from emojis to call-to-action to overall design, while you can easily track your customer satisfaction just looking at their smart reports.

Measure Customer Satisfaction - In-app feedback collection

Post-service feedback collection

Another way to assess performance is to ask for feedback right after the customer is done interacting with a specific tool or just received a service. It’s great for the cases when you want to get a complete picture as soon as all the steps are taken.

This way, you can easily understand if the expectations were met or not and what issues arose if any.

Collecting feedback ‘post-service style’ is a perfect fit for the HelpCrunch live chat. It’s a great addition to your customer success gear with a rich toolbox:

  • Live chat;
  • Auto messages;
  • Email Automation;
  • Ticketing;
  • Integration.

On top of it, the toolset comes with a handy chat rating feature for each session your customers have.

Measure Customer Satisfaction - Post-service feedback collection

Email feedback collection

Sometimes, taking time and not having to rush does wonders when it comes to getting feedback from your users. And collecting feedback via email excels at receiving in-depth evaluations as a tool or service as a whole, especially if it’s a considerable list of questions.

But even a simple follow-up email with an easy-to-follow content is just the thing for a quick and useful opinion. One one hand, if the survey is brief and to the point, the customer is more likely to give it some time. On the other hand, one can put it aside for now and get back to it later.

Should you not know how to collect feedback via email, you might want to check out the Email Widget by Emojics. It’s not your regular email survey (because does anybody have time for those?). Subscribers just have to choose a relevant emoji to leave their feedback.

With its help, you can gather feedback from different sources, like newsletters, support, or sales emails. The feature will allow you to:

  • tailor customer campaigns based on the users’ feedback;
  • Adjust the emails your users in line with their preferences;
  • Customize it to your needs.
Measure Customer Satisfaction - Email feedback collection

Social media mentions

The insights you can get from social media mentions are immeasurable. As social networks have become a vast playground for any type of opinion or feedback, there are countless possibilities for you if you monitor and act on this information.

Apart from the undeniable fact that social media allows you to get to know better your customers, you can actually see how your customers behave online and what kind of conversations they have with other customers.

Moreover, with skyrocketing platforms like YouTube and Facebook, your reach can be as wide as ever. Also, your customers might be more open to sharing their opinions while not being on your site.

Start tracking your social media mentions today with Mention. With this tool, you won’t miss any valuable opinion about your brand shared on social media.

Measure Customer Satisfaction - Social media mentions

Net Promoter Score

If you are familiar with customer loyalty, you should have heard about Net Promoter Score, too. Net Promoter Score (aka NPS) gives a numerical answer (usually on a scale from 0 to 10) to how likely your customers are to refer to you.

It’s probably the safest and easiest way to get validation for your service or tool without getting into many details. One way or another, NES does represent your customer satisfaction level but also hints as to how many referrals you can potentially gain.

Knowing that you can come up with bonuses, programs, freebies that would encourage customers to recommend your brand to the others. Basically, make it a win-win situation. If your business happens to have a low Net Promoter Score, it’s a red flag that you are doing something wrong. The sooner you get to the bottom of the issue, the better it will be for you.

To get a quality Net Promoter Score, resort to the specialized tools proven to be effective over time. Like Wootric designed for high responses rates:

  • Carry out surveys in different languages;
  • Use your business drivers to diagnose NES;
  • Get Instant NPS analytics;
  • Benefit from closed-loop feedback management.

Measure Customer Satisfaction - net promoter score

To sum up

If you take your business seriously and are always eager to improve, shying away from users’ feedback is a true crime. It’s especially true for a small business that can’t afford to lose a single customer.

Based on your business model, you can choose from different ways of measuring customer satisfaction (or combine them): in-app, post-service, email, social media mentions, Net Promoter Score (NES).

Knowing how to measure customer satisfaction from different sources, and acting upon it helps you increase the value of your product and can even give an edge over those competitors that still ignore their customers’ voice.

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