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How to Increase Agency Sales and Revenue with White Label Tools

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Software is everywhere. The future belongs to them.

Statistics show that 73% of businesses will be running totally on apps and software provided by SaaS companies by 2020. And 86% of companies will be running 80% of business through apps and software.

There are several reasons why companies (large and small) are shifting operations to SaaS such as reduced cost, easy-to-manage, minimal staff training, and cross-device integration.

As the demand for tools, apps, and software is increasing at an alarming rate, agencies need to offer have a handful of relevant apps with them to ensure their clients don’t switch
If you own an agency or manage one, you’d know what I’m talking about.

Your clients prefer using software and apps, and they want you to offer them with appropriate tools.

You have a few options to deal with this situation:

  • Recommend or refer relevant tools to your clients.
  • Purchase apps and let your clients use them.
  • Partner with leading SaaS businesses.
  • Create your own apps from scratch.
  • Use white label tools and apps

The best approach is to use white label service for your agency and business instead of sending your clients to another business, purchase apps, create a new one, or partnering with SaaS companies.


A white label tool or app or software can be rebranded legally by companies and agencies to make it look like their own. The owner or developer of the tool allows other companies to rebrand its tool.

According to Investopedia:

White label products are sold by retailers with their own branding and logo but the products are actually manufactured by a third party. The end product appears to be manufactured by the retailer.

Using white label tools, your marketing agency can send reports and emails to your clients with your own logo and agency name.

Your clients can use dashboard with your logo and it will appear as if you own the software.

The software handling, report generation, and other technicalities are handled by the tool manufacturer. You just use it.

Here is how white label works:

  • You buy software from the developer or original supplier.
  • You rebrand it and sell it as your own software.
  • Your clients use the software as if you own it.

Why Your Agency Need White Label Tools?

So why your agency should use a white label tool? Why not do what you’re doing already?

Why do you need to sell something that you don’t own?

Imagine you own a content marketing agency. Your agency handles content creation, content publication, and distribution.

Some clients ask you for SEO service. Since you don’t offer SEO services, you’ll refuse them and your clients will have to go to another agency that offers them with SEO service.

Your client has to work with multiple agencies, which is tough. They prefer working with a single agency that will handle everything.

Imagine if the new agency offers both SEO and content marketing services, you might lose a client.

Besides, when a lot of clients ask you for SEO service, why not offer them with what they’re looking for? It is a business opportunity.

Offering SEO services won’t just help you retain clients but you can significantly increase revenue per client.

Since white label products provide you with a ready-to-use tool that you can start using right away, it’s your best bet.

You don’t have to go through the product development process which itself is a time-consuming and expensive task. You can buy a readymade SEO tool, rebrand it with your own logo, and start offering SEO services to your clients without sending them to another agency.

So there are several reasons why your agency should start using white label tools:

  • To retain clients.
  • To increase sales.
  • To expand and grow your agency.
  • To increase revenue per client.
  • To increase authority.
  • To reduce time to market.

What Are The Benefits To White Labeling?

If you think your agency needs a white label tool, you shouldn’t hesitate to move ahead. Because using a white label software has a lot of benefits that your agency can enjoy.

The leading benefits to white label are discussed below.

Cost Cutting

According to Global Outsourcing Survey, 59% of businesses outsource to cut cost.

This reveals that cost-cutting is the number one priority of businesses when it comes to using tools and apps. This is what exactly you get with a white label tool – you cut cost significantly. You don’t have to create a new tool, you don’t have to go through the trial and error process, you don’t have to spend heaps of resources for developing, designing, and testing the tool.

End result? Your agency saves money when you use a white label software.


Use of white label tool helps your agency in diversification. You add a new business line. Refer back to content marketing and SEO example. When you opt for a white label SEO tool for your agency, you add a new business unit that you can promote to existing customers. Diversification helps you enter a new market and industry. It enables you to provide value to existing clients and grow your agency.

Agency Growth

White label tools provide your agency with sustainable growth. There isn’t any limit to white label tools. You can add as many as you like. This allows your agency to grow significantly yet quickly.

More Sales and Revenue

This is perhaps the best benefit to white label. You can enter new markets and sell new services to existing customers. Your agency can generate sales easily with white label apps. When you sell new services to existing clients, it increases revenue per client which means you can earn more from the same number of clients. You don’t have to necessarily bring new clients onboard. White label software will let your agency to grow without increasing the number of clients.

Focus on Core Competency

Every agency has a core competency that makes it competitive. It gets hard to focus on your agency’s core competency if you start offering multiple services. White label tools save you from this hassle. You can offer multiple services to your clients by selling them white label tools. This lets you focus on core competency while everything else is handled by the white label tool and its developer. You don’t lose control over your agency and you can grow it in multiple verticals at the same time.

Risk Reduction

Creating new software from scratch is a high-risk project. You have to spend heavily on market research, R&D, developers, designers, user testing, and more. And after spending so much on the development, the tool might not work as expected. You have to spend in tweaks and revisions that will cost you more time and resources. It’s an overall very risky game. A white label tool reduces this (and any other) risk. If the tool fails to deliver for some reason, you can switch to an alternative white label tool.

What You Need to Look for in a White Label Tool?

Not all white label tool sellers are equally good for your agency. And not all tools and apps are worth trying. You have to look for quite a few things in a white label software before you buy and resell it.

Right Fit to Your Agency Strategy

Not only the tool but the developer’s strategy should be a great fit for your agency strategy. The tool needs to integrate with your business strategy and should strengthen it.

The developer’s business strategy should align with your strategy. Though it’s hard to find a perfect match, try looking for developers that have a similar strategy and won’t hurt your agency in the long-run.

The Tool is Updated Regularly

This is essential because a tool that isn’t updated regularly won’t be any good after a few months. It has to be updated based on recent technological advancements and should offer new features.

This will keep your clients hooked and you’ll be able to offer them with the latest services.

Well-Known Developer

Is the developer popular? How long they have been in business? Did you get a demo?

A reputable developer won’t hesitate to share details, offer a demo, and will be open for discussion all the times.

Superior Customer Services

Imagine your client is facing an issue with a white label tool and you’re constantly trying to get in touch with the developer’s support team but they aren’t responding.

Poor customer services from the manufacturer will ruin your agency.

Your clients will blame you because, for them, you own and manage the tool. So make sure the developer is always there for you and for your clients.

Top-Notch Tool

You don’t have to resell a substandard tool. Your white label software needs to be top quality and extremely valuable.

Opting for a poor quality tool might backfire. Your clients will churn. Don’t compromise on the quality of the tool.

The Best White Label Tools

A white label tool is definitely a viable option for your agency but where to begin and what tools to use? Here are some of the best white label tools that you can start using for your agency.


Emojics is a leading reaction button feedback tool that lets you collect user and customer feedback through emojis.

It offers a great white label service to agencies that lets them rebrand the tool and impress their clients.

Emojics provides you with a lot of rebranding features that will let you completely customize it based on your agency preferences. You can sell it to your clients as your own tool without they getting a hint of it being a white label tool.

Here are some of the leading features of Emojics white label:

  • You can connect your custom domain using CNAME which lets you handle everything from your own domain (such as email, servers, notifications, etc.)
  • You can add your own logo
  • Emojics lets you change the color scheme and theme of the tool. You can make its color scheme consistent with your brand
  • You can create sub-accounts for your own agency
  • Allocate any number of sites and reaction buttons to each sub-account to meet your agency requirements

The setup process is simple and quick. You can have Emojics too rebranded in less than a couple of minutes. Click here to get started now.


Sendpilot is a social media scheduling app for agencies and it comes with great white label service.

You can sell it to your agency clients and have everything set up in no time. Sendpilot offers you with following rebranding features:

  • Use your own logo
  • Connect your own domain
  • Change the URL structure
  • Change color scheme and UI

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a tool for agencies that lets you send reports to your clients. It is a reporting tool. I’m sure you know the importance of sending timely reports to your clients.

You can rebrand it and send customized reports to your clients with your agency name, logo, and color scheme.

Here is what you get with Agency Analytics white label service:

  • Add logo
  • Create custom URLs
  • Customize mobile app
  • Customize dashboard, reports, and everything else


GitScrum is a project management tool that comes with a simple yet effective white label tool.

You can customize all the emails and communication and make your clients feel that you have your own project management tool.

Here is what you get with GitScrum white label program:

  • Add logo
  • Agency description
  • Change color scheme
  • Add your own domain


Odus is a leading chatbot tool that lets you increase sales and reduce churn by offering exceptional customer services.

With its white label tool, you can create chatbots for your clients with your own logo and branding.

Here is an overview of the leading features of the white label tool:

  • Rebrand the chatbot
  • Add logo and your own domain
  • Add color theme
  • Create customer flow

agency account lifetime deal

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