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10 Best Customer Success Courses and Certifications

Customer success jobs are on the rise and so as customer success courses. It is one of the fastest-growing professions in the US and other parts of the world. Businesses have realized the importance of delivering value to their customers. Customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than their counterparts. According to the CMO Council, 14% of marketers are of the view that customer-centricity is the trademark of their companies.

It’s the era of customer success and there isn’t any better time to upgrade your skillset. If you are looking for a new career, nothing works better than customer success. There are several customer success jobs available to choose from:

  • Customer success manager
  • Customer success coordinator
  • Customer success associate
  • Customer success intern
  • Customer success specialist
  • Customer success assistant
  • Customer success director

So where to begin?

The best way to start your customer success career is through courses and certifications. A single course and certification can enhance your skills to a great extent. If you are planning to enter customer success space, consider getting 2-3 certifications suitable for entry role.

Here is a list of the best customer success courses and certifications that you can choose from.

10 Best Customer Success Courses

1. Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM)

Cisco Customer Success Manager

Cisco offers a customer success manager certification that requires you to pass their exam. You can take a 3-day course (optional) before the exam. The exam tests the following skills:

  • Discovery
  • Benchmarking and application
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Enablement

The certification is priced at $2,395 and the certification validity is 2 years. It is a perfect certification that will instantly provide you with a verifiable certificate that will help you get a job.

2. Graduate Certificate in Customer Success Management

Graduate Certificate in Customer Success Management

If you have a Bachelor degree or any high-level qualification, you should get a Graduate Certificate in Customer Success Management from RMIT. It is a 12-month program (6-months accelerated) that offers 4 courses:

  • Customer value strategy
  • Customer solution and value analytics
  • Customer relationships and influencing stakeholders
  • Digital leadership and customer experience strategy & design / digital leadership and digital delivery with agile

You can take all the courses online so you can enroll from any part of the world. It is priced at $13,680 for all the courses.

3.  Customer Success Manager Certification by Success Coaching

Customer Success Manager Certification by Success Coaching

If you are a fan of web-based certifications, this is your best bet. It an ongoing regular customer success manager certification that keeps you and your skills updated throughout the year. It is aimed at managers and offers you with tons of material to upgrade your skills. You can access the course from any device making it a truly online certification.

You can share your certificate with clients easily and you can add your certificate on your LinkedIn profile. It costs $49 per month to enroll and get your certificate.

4. Customer Success | How to Understand Your Customers

How to Understand Your Customers

This course is designed for beginners that helps you understand customers better. It is created by Chuck Wall who provides consultation services to businesses on strategy, customer insights, and marketing. This course helps you better understand your customers and covers the following topics in detail:

  • Customer relationship building
  • Customer insights
  • Big data vs. big insights
  • Converting customers into loyal customers
  • Case studies

The course consists of an hour of video lectures, a downloadable resource, and access to four exclusive case studies. It is perfect for those who want to get a better understanding of customers and make a difference by building customer relationships. It is priced at $19.99 (discounted to $12.99) and has more than 3K enrolled students.

5. Customer Success | How to Exceed Your Customers Expectations

How to Exceed Your Customers Expectations

This is another course by Chuck Wall that is focused on understanding customer expectations and exceeding them. You will learn how to deliver value to your customers and make them loyal. When you understand your customers, the next step is delivering them what they expect. This course teaches you how to do it in style.

The course has over an hour of video lectures, 8 downloadable resources, and is priced at $34.99 (discounted to $11.99). There are more than 3K enrolled students on Udemy so you must check it out.

6. Customer Success Manager 101: Foundations to your CSM career

Customer Success courses

It is the best-selling customer success course on Udemy that’s created by Digital Life Academy. It designed for customer success managers. If you want to become a customer success manager, this is the best course for you. It is an introductory level course that comes with 1.5 hours of video lectures, 2 articles, and 2 downloadable resources.

The course doesn’t just focus on your duties as a customer success manager, but it also helps you get your job (e.g. how to write a resume, how to impress interviewers with your knowledge, etc.). It prepares you to become a successful customer success manager.

It is priced at $49.99 (currently discounted to $14.99) and has well over 10K enrolled students. With 4.5 rating by 1300+ students, this is the best customer success course for you.

7. Customer Success | How to Put Your Customers First

How to Put Your Customers First

Customer Success | How to put your customers first is created by Chuck Wall and is another course for beginners. It is suitable for those who want to understand the importance of customers. The course covers the following topics:

  • Five C’s
  • Forty ways to be simple
  • Case studies
  • How to show customers that they’re first
  • Customer experience triangle
  • Human emotions
  • Gratitude and its value
  • Brain thinking

It is a powerful course with a 4.4 rating that has been enrolled by more than 2K students on Udemy. It comes with an hour of video lectures and a downloadable resource. It is priced at $19.99 (discounted to $11.99).

8. Sales: Customer Success

Sales: Customer Success course

If you are looking for an intermediate-level customer success course, Sales: Customer Success is your best choice. It is created by Robbie Kellman Baxter who is the founder of a leading management consulting firm. This course covers all the essential topics that come under the umbrella of customer success. The focus of the course, however, is on how to use customer success in SaaS, service sector, and membership business models.

Here is a list of key topics covered:

  • What is customer success?
  • How to create a customer success plan
  • Customer success alignment with other departments
  • What does it mean to be a customer success manager?

The course has almost an hour of video content. You should have a LinkedIn Learning subscription to get the course.

9. CSM Certification Program

CSM Certification Program

CSM Certification Program is a comprehensive 16-weeks (or 8-weeks) program by the Success League. It is a comprehensive program that covers almost all customer success topics including:

  • Business strategy for CSM
  • Portfolio management
  • Renewals and churns
  • Customer advocacy
  • Selling cycle
  • Career development

It is a perfect program to excel in customer success management. It costs $1595 for the full program that consists of 16-classes of 60 minutes each.

10. Managing Difficult Customers

Managing Difficult Customers

This certification by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) focuses on dealing with difficult customers – an amazing skill to add to your portfolio. It is a one-day course that has five modules:

  • Difficult customers
  • Key considerations
  • Techniques that help
  • Avoiding escalations
  • Managing stress

The cost of the program is $800, and it is an instructor-led course.


Customer success will never disappoint you. It is a skill that will help you throughout your career irrespective of your career and industry. The customer success courses and certifications covered above will give you a jumpstart in your career. However, a single course or certification isn’t enough, and you shouldn’t stop there. If you want to build your online live academy you can use an LMS tool.

Customer success, customer experience, and marketing change daily. Your skills must be current, and you shouldn’t hesitate to take courses and certifications every now and then.

At the end of the day, nothing beats knowledge.

Sabih Javed

Sabih Javed is a certified inbound marketer and an experienced digital marketing writer. His publications appeared on leading marketing blogs like JeffBullas, Yahoo News, TheNextWeb, Business2Community, and more. Connect with him @sabihjavedd