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Smiley Face Survey: Analyze Customer Emotions and Boost Sales

Smiley Face Survey: Overview

Customer feedback is at the heart of businesses today. Feedback provides you with data that can be used for decision-making and improving customer experience. The top three reasons why businesses invest in customer experience include sales improvement (42%), customer retention improvement (33%), and customer satisfaction improvement (32%).

customer experience survey

When you are trying to understand what type of experience your customers prefer, your best source of information is your customers. This makes customer feedback and surveys more important than ever.

Feedback emojis is one of the most popular customer survey techniques that are used widely. Smiley face surveys are highly engaging because customers just have to select a relevant smiley face to share their feedback. It significantly boosts the response rate.

Let’s figure out what makes a smiley face survey better than other types of customer surveys and why you should use it?

What is Smiley Face Survey?

It is a survey that uses smileys, smiley face, or emojis for feedback collection. It helps you collect feedback from customers, subscribers, and website visitors. Instead of sending a Likert scale questionnaire or MCQs, you use smiley faces with the questions and respondents can select the most relevant emoji.

Here is an example:

smiley face survey example

Everything else remains the same except the smileys that make your survey user-friendly. The modern smileys are in use since the 1960s. We’re used to seeing them everywhere ranging from social networking sites to text messages to emails. Customers, in general, love interacting with smileys and this makes a smiley survey one of the best methods to collect feedback.

Why Use Smileys for Customer Feedback

There are several reasons that make smiley face surveys better than their counterparts. So why exactly you should use smiley face surveys for collecting data from your customers? What’s so special about them?

1. Visual Appeal

A study found that respondents spend less time reading the questions when there are smiley faces in the question. Rather they spend more time looking at (and interacting) with the smiley faces. Why?

Because the human brain is an expert at visuals. As much as 60% of our brain is involved in visual processing and 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual.

visual processing stats

This shows why using smiley face surveys will help you better connect with the respondents. How likely you are to participate in this following survey:

likert survey example

It is a simple text survey where you have to select a relevant option from the list. Check out the following survey and ask yourself, how likely you are to participate in it:

smiley face survey example

The smiley faces instantly grab user attention. The focus instantly shifts to the emojis and it doesn’t seem painful to select a relevant emoji based on how you feel. This is what makes a smiley face survey a perfect technique to approach your customers visually.

2. Emotional Analysis

Emojis and smiley faces let you measure customer feelings and emotions. It is easier to represent a feeling in the form of an emoji. For instance, if you are angry, you could select an angry emoji to show your anger.

If you are measuring customer feelings or emotions, a smiley face survey will help do it. Businesses are mostly concerned about customer feelings and emotions. They are interested in finding what makes their customers happy. When you are interested in measuring customer emotions, a smiley survey will perform far better than other types of surveys (e.g. Likert).

3. User-Friendly

One of the best things about smiley faces is that they’re user-friendly. Your customers love using emojis. Over 5 billion emojis are sent per day on Facebook Messenger. Think of all the other messaging apps, social networking websites, and around 7 billion worldwide mobile users. Emojis are everywhere and this makes a smiley face survey extremely user-friendly and something they’re used to seeing and interacting with on a daily basis.

4. High Response Rate

Yes, you should expect a high response rate with a smiley face survey. A respondent is more likely to select an emoji as compared to a radio button. Emojis are more reflective of the respondent’s emotions and they feel as if they’re being heard.

How to Create a Smiley Face Survey

The way how you survey your customers has changed a lot. Only 2% of customers are expected to complete a questionnaire. Things change when you use smiley faces in the survey. It makes surveys friendlier, easy-to-understand, and boosts response rate.

You have to use a customer feedback tool to crate smiley face surveys like Emojics. It lets you create surveys with a few clicks for email and website. You can choose from more than 300 emoji styles and shapes for your smiley face survey.

You can collect feedback via email and your website. The widget can be embedded in email campaigns. Subscribers can click an emoji to participate in the survey. Here is an example:

smiley face survey email widget

You can embed the survey on your website at multiple locations such as towards the end of a blog post. You can use a floating widget to collect feedback from website visitors. Here is an example:

smiley face survey website widget

If you are using WordPress, you can use the Emojics WordPress plugin to manage your campaigns easily from WordPress. You get full access to the Emojics dashboard where you can analyze responses, set widgets, create and manage campaigns, and manage your Emojics account.

Emojics provides you with real-time analytics including emotional analysis. You can analyze the emotions of your customers based on their responses and you can measure and track Net Promoter Score.

The best part: It supports Zapier which means you can integrate it with your CRM, email software, and more than 1000 apps and tools. So, if you want to run an email marketing campaign targeting respondents who selected an angry emoji, you can do it easily by connecting Emojics with your email marketing software.

The sky is the limit.

Click here to create your first smiley face survey with Emojics in less than 5 minutes. That’s how easy and simple it is.


Emojics isn’t the only reaction button tool in the market that you can use to create and manage smiley face surveys. Of course, there are others too. However, Emojics provides you with exceptional features and customer support that you’ll not find anywhere else.

A simple and clean interface powered by a robust emotional analyzing dashboard that lets you understand your customers better and boost sales by making decisions based on data is what makes Emojics stand out from the crowd.

A smiley face survey is useless if you don’t use data for decision-making. If the sales before and after the survey are equal, you are merely wasting resources. Emojics provides you with actionable data that you can use to engage with unhappy customers and convert happy customers into loyal customers.

That’s how you grow sales and grow your business.

Step in today.

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